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Complete… almost

The parts make a whole!

The three dimensional rendering of the animal refuge is nearly complete. With the majority of the individual building components finished. The final pieces are coming together. The individual building parts including the office, the woodshop, the dog run, the barn, and the cat house have been added to the assembly according to the specifications given at the beginning of the project. As the assembly components were designed and produced by different individuals, there seems to be a problem with the dimensions of the height of the walls.

To do:

Easily corrected, the files can be appropriately scaled in order for all the components to mesh seamlessly.


Finish Line


  • Finish chain linked fence
  • finish Dog Run


  • Finished the chain linked fence necessary for the perimeter of the dog run.
  • Re-design the puppy pool to supervisor specifications
  • re evaluate the dimensions for the individual parts of the Dog run
  • Re design some parts for aesthetic, and mate purposes
  • re-arranged the part in the Dog run in order to improve space distribution and increase aesthetic


  • incorporating the chain linked fence into the Dog run perimeter made things a bit difficult as the original piece of fence that was design was much smaller than the overall size that was necessary for the perimeter.
  • since we needed a different size of fence on each sides of the fence a direct single dimension could not be made.
  • to remedy this I chose to make one piece of fence and mate them together in order to have a solid side.
  • Mating the fence pieces was quite difficult as the end faces were on different planes and the faces were not completely parallel

Playground Wonderland

  • Finish the individual structures that will be housed in the dog run
  • Make measurement changes to the weave poles


  • Linking individual sections of the fence together
  • transition noticeable between sections

To Do:

  • Continue on working on chain linked fence
  • Resume team collaboration to ensure a seamless transition between the two structures.
  • Re evaluate the proportions of individual part of the dog run

The dogs are running wild

I was assigned a new project to incorporate into the augmented reality game for “The Kitten and the Robot”. This assignment is to design and create a dog run for the dorgs at the shelter.

To embark this new project I felt I needed to do some research in order for the design of the Dog Run to be successful and realistic. With some of the ideas from our previous meeting in mind I ventured to the internet to find some ideas suitable for this build.

After some searches of happy dogo’s I narrowed down main part that will be incorporated in the dog run.

Four agility obstacles, Free running space A corner alcove possibly for pup lounging

I was also able to narrow down the specifications of the outdoor space in general. The 12 x 16 area will be surrounded by a chain linked fence on three of the four walls, with added support and sturdiness in the corners.

The fourth wall will be directly connected with the bunk house. The entrance from the bunk house is still unknown, some ideas is one large entrance or possibly individual entrances for each dog.

Working on It


This week for my work with Stemwerx, I worked on the final details of the office for the adventure aspects of the game.


I was able to complete the new sidings of the office walls, and added the windows. I was able to add the finishes to the furniture, and completed the office assembly.

To Do:

  • upload SOLID-WORKS files onto Microsoft teams
  • Get feedback and new assignment

Knock on Wood


This week for my work with Stemwerx, I continued working on the furnishing needed for the office of the game.


I was able to complete the large “L” shaped desk to accompany the smaller version. i also updated the small desk to fit better in terms of proportion and look. I also worked on a shelving unit, which I feel was necessary in the office to fill up the empty space.

To Do:

  • Finish desk drawers
  • Make chairs
  • fill up space in office floor plan

Good Old Desk


This week for my work with Stemwerx, I began working on the three dimensional rendering of the office furniture for the adventure game for “The Kitty and the Robot”.


I was successfully able to make the first desk that will be housed in the office. The specifications of the desk were taken from actual existing desks available on the market.


This week was particularly straightforward, as I had already sketched out the shape and proportional measurements needed for each of the parts. 

To Do:

Find out if anymore furniture is wanted in the office

  • Work on the second desk (the larger desk) 

The Right Side


This week for my work with Stemwerx, I worked on the outer walls of the office for the adventure aspects of the game.


I was able to complete the sidings of the office walls, and include side trimmings and hardwood floors as flooring.


After watching countless SolidWorks tutorial and third party videos in order to understand how to attach the sidings of the walls, I came up with no answers. Instead i watched how actual sidings are attached, from a construction worker, and recreated the steps in SolidWorks.

To Do:

  • Add door and door fittings
  • Begin working on office furniture
  • Get details for the inside requirements

Out of Nothing… Something

Goal: This week for my work with Stemwerx, I began working on the three dimensional rendering of the office for the adventure arc of the game.


I was able to make the floor of the office with the specifications given, and began placing the walls of the office up much like the shed component of the game.


I’ve rendered some of the lumber necessary to make the outside view of the office like requested…however, I am unable to figure out how to attach the lumber sidings both to each other and to the building to create the wanted aesthetic look.

To Do:

I need to do more reaserch on how the finish build of this office will be posible.

  • look up if additional braces and beams will be the answer
  • look up attachments at an angle

Lights, Camera, Action!


  • This week I switched gears a bit and worked on what the finished product of the game will look like. 


  • I couldn’t come up with a conclusion on whether the crossword game was slow, because of the internet connection, or as a result of the zap-works system. 


  • I launched and recorded the Crossword puzzle, to assess lag and load time. 
  • After watching part of the example mobile game I deducted what the onboarding of the game would look like. 
  • Including golden glows around new points on the screen to stress the location to click
  • Screen follow of the character, as it completes tasks
  • Background characters, that are independent of what the main character is doing (could be other pets at the shelter) 
  • Possibly using the vibration of the phone to stress a task. 
  • Using confetti when a tasked is completed 
  • Actions of the main character when left idle (cat could sit down and lick paw) 
  • In onboarding, players have to complet necessary tasked before they can continue the game